North East Community Forests - Tees Forest

forestTees Forest is found in the North East of England, with so many parks and green spaces being limited, Tees Forest was set up to preserve trees, wildlife, recreating and education in the North. Tees Forest is dedicated to the preservation and planting of trees in the North, there are also workshops and educational seminars that are held to teach the local children about the importance of trees and wildlife in England.

As well as educating people about trees and green open spaces Tees Forest also hosts events and proves recreational activities such as Bike races, water rafting, parachute jumping, a series of races and many guided walks. Tees Forest also encourages everyone to raise money for charity by participating in challenges and activities.

Tees Forest is excellent for a day out whether with the family or as a couple. There are many areas to sit and relax or play on the grass. There are many paths that you can use for seeing what the forest has to offer. There are trees that form part of the English Heritage and also flowers that come in bloom every season.

Tees Forest encourages everyone to exercise on its vast landscape as people who exercise are generally more happy and healthier. It also creates a better image to the community if children can see adults taking an interest in the local open spaces of England. It should also help bring down the level of obesity if families are encouraged to participate in activities together.

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